Friday, June 24, 2016

Femslash Friday: Midwifery

I was going to make today's post an Orange is the New Black special, but if what I've been hearing about one of my favorite characters is true, I'm not sure I can bear to watch the recently-released season.

Instead, I'll highlight another woman-centric fave, Call the Midwife.

I like this one as it highlights two of my three most likely career choices if I had been a white 1950s lesbian: (a) midwife living in a convent or (b) an actual nun (I reckon I could somewhat have faked the being Catholic part if it meant I got live with all those other women, especially Sister Julienne, wait what?)

Anyway, if you're wondering what (c) is, I also could have probably played outfied or second base for the Rockford Peaches (obvs).

Enjoy some Patsy and Delia. I know I will. And I'm not 100% up to date on this, so if you have any bad news about either of these characters, share at your peril. I'm a broken-crayon length away from going Dark Willow on any show that wantonly kills off bi/lesbian characters.

Now, who wants to meet me for a Clandestine Glove Lunch at Lezzies for a couple of Eleanor Roosevelt Combos?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bigots Gonna Bigot

Thought I'd check in to see if regular purveyor of anti-LGBT animus National Organization for [Heterosexual] Marriage (NOM) had anything to say about the largest mass shooting in US history, in which the killer targeted NOM's regular targets- LGBT individuals.

At its blog, NOM did not acknowledge the shooting.

As of today, it has posted 5 articles promoting its March For Marriage, which seeks to protest marriage equality in the US.

Inauspiciously, less than a week prior to the shooting, on June 7, 2016, it promoted an article at The Federalist, written by Rachel Lu, in which both NOM and The Federalist highlighted the following quote, implicitly approving of it:
"Within my lifetime, the LGBT movement will die."
How nice for Rachel and NOM that on June 12th, 2016 a piece of their apparent fantasy was fulfilled.

My cynical point here is not meant to be a "gotcha."  It's a plea, rather. Here, perhaps it would be best to quote from Rachel Lu's piece again, the context of which is to bemoan political correctness and the acceptance of transgender individuals:
"Ideas have consequences, and gender ideologues are only beginning to grapple with the fruits of theirs."
Yes, and when, if ever, will anti-LGBTs grapple with the fruits of theirs?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yes, Queens!

Welp, I called it, regarding YaraAsha and Daenerys on Game of Thrones!

"I never demand, but I'm up for anything really."

Here's to hoping that actually progresses into maintext.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

If Fascism Comes

To the United States, it will have been enabled in part by progressive anti-establishment critics who can at least find solace in the fact that they are more morally-enlightened than the rest of us.

I've become increasingly disappointed with the way Jill Stein has been conducting her Green Party run for President.

A key strategy of hers seems to be to try to pick up Bernie supporters by attacking Hillary Clinton with the same Evil, Crooked Hillary talking points and allusions used by both Trump and Sanders. Meanwhile, she renders little to no criticism of St. Bernie, who himself is hardly perfect, perhaps so as not to anger his already-angry, most-ardent supporters.

It would seem more intellectually honest to acknowledge Sanders' weaknesses and problematic actions and votes, as well. As it stands, attacking the female front-runner for not being perfect but not attacking her also-imperfect male opponents has not been a good look. I doubt it will endear her to many women and feminists. Clinton has endured decades of smears and attacks, and is still, still battling in both a Primary and General Election, as Sanders has stubbornly failed to concede the Primary when it's clear he has been beaten.

This continual piling on from a "progressive"? Yikes. The Greens will have to try really hard to ever win me back as a voter.

A Twitter juxtaposition shows the basic incoherence of the Evil, Crooked Hillary narrative:

Hillary Clinton, Stein says, is the worst. Even worse than Trump. Sad!

In fact, Clinton is so bad that Stein herself is a mere 91% match with her.


Make no mistake, both Sanders and Stein are politicians, even though Stein herself has never held office, making it difficult for critics to point to/use/exaggerate her missteps. Yet, playing into the currently-fashionable populist anti-establishment narrative while framing Clinton as a corrupt, corporate polar opposite is likely a very intentional strategy.

Or, let's call the strategy what it is. After all, I was a registered voter in 2000. I now like to call Green strategy: "When leftwing purity has rightwing  consequences."

Look at last night's failed gun control measures, blocked by Republicans even after the worst mass shooting in US history.

Now think about a Sanders or Stein presidency and imagine four years of the same.  Incremental compromising pragmatism might seem "more evil" than holding high progressive ideals, but hell, at least it makes some progress given the realities of our legislative processes.

Which raises a question.  Is it better to hold morally pure ideals and accomplish nothing, or to compromise those ideals and accomplish something?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Extreme Self-Centeredness of the Anti-LGBT

My title doesn't reference a clinical diagnosis, but rather a sort of cultural narcissism that would seem unbelievable perhaps to anyone not familiar with the LGBT "culture wars" in the US.

I'm referring today to anti-LGBT Christian Rod Dreher turning the worst terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11, one in which LGBT people primarily of color were specifically targeted, all about.... you guessed it... the oppression of anti-LGBT Christians. His concern seems to be that Christianity-motivated hate speech and laws against LGBT equality will no longer be as tolerated in the US after this attack. Thusly, does he rally his brave, oppressed Christian soldiers:
"Now we will see the price individual Christians are willing to pay to remain faithful. Now we will see how many Christians have the inner strength to obey Jesus’s command: 'But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you.'
When I talk about the need for the Benedict Option, this is part of what I mean: the need for orthodox Christians to come together in thick communities to keep our faith, to help each other through things like what’s to come, and to remind one another that no matter what, we cannot return hatred for hatred. That is forbidden to us."
He Godwin-labels his post "Orlando: The Reichstag Fire," suggesting that the Orlando attack will be the precipitating event that turns the US into Nazi Germany, with anti-LGBT Christians being the equivalent of Jews under Nazi Germany.

This absurd, histrionic view, of course, is the very belief that enables homophobe oppressors to mistakenly believe they are victimized underdogs which is what, cyclically, many anti-LGBTs use to justify their oppression of LGBTs.

What else can you say, really to such a despicable, self-centered view. Except maybe, Rod Dreher, how dare you? How fucking dare you co-opt this tragedy to further your own anti-LGBT agenda. You are part of the problem.

A homophobe living in a homophobic society just killed 49 people at a gay club and Rod Dreher takes a moment to navel-gaze about the harmful impact the shooting could have on religious bigots.

Like I said in my original post about the incident:

"[M]ost of all, what those who utter [anti-LGBT] rhetoric know with 100% certainty is that any harm LGBT people experience is 100% not their fault.

Well, I see you, bigots. I've seen you for years. You don't fool me and you don't fool many other people.

To the LGBT community: I stand with you. In fear, anger, pride, courage, and determination, we grieve and we vow to carry on."

Not in spite of people like Dreher, but because of them.