Friday, February 5, 2016

Femslash February: Giant Lady Houses

When I was but a wee lesbian, I think I often imagined that as an adult I would live in a large house with a bunch of other women.

Sort of like a sorority for grown-ups where one did not have to attend frat parties or "rush" to get into (is "rush" the right lingo, I don't know). Honestly, I'm still not entirely convinced that one day I won't find myself living in such a situation. Even if it's at a retirement home for queer women. Which would be entirely amazing.

Anyway, some of my favorite examples of group female living scenarios from TV/Film include:

  • The Rockford Peaches' house from A League of Their Own.  Sigh. All those baseball players and not one lesbian or bisexual gal? I don't buy it! You know Doris was tip-toeing to Ellen Sue and/or All the Way Mae's bedroom after their nights out at the Sudsbucket
  • Nonnatus House from Call the Midwife.  Nuns + Nurses + Uniforms  + Simple, Communal Living + Do-Goodism = queer lady catnip. I just started Season 4 of this series and am glad the show is finally introducing an overt same-sex relationship. But will it end well?!
  • Miss Robichaux's House in American Horror Story: Coven. A Caveat. Imagine a different version, in which Queenie is the obvious Supreme and, instead of competing with each other, the witches join forces with Marie Laveau and legit take down the patriarchy.  In this scenario, I would also write myself in as Mary Sue/Advisor/Lover of Cordelia Foxx.
I am missing some, and I was going to include Orange is the New Black, but a key characteristic I think is that the living arrangement be voluntary. Although, I will admit that the whole prison/jail theme seems to be a lesbian/bisexual trope/fantasy of sorts.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Case of the Invisible, Non-Existent Misogyny!

It is a truism that literally every article, social media post, or tweet a woman makes saying some variation of how Hillary Clinton can be criticized but misogynistic attacks should be off limits will result in at least one male commenter feeling the need to contribute a claim that, while he does in fact hate Hillary Clinton, it is for other reasons that do not involve her gender, reasons that he does not, by special lucky chance, hate male politicians for.

The implication with this contribution to the convo is that (a) he, the man, does not require introspection into whether he might, in fact, have any inherent, subtle sexism shaping the way he compares male versus female politicians, and (b) women are mostly being irrational/paranoid/hysterical for suggesting some people might hate Clinton because of her gender.

2016 is shaping up to be a neat election cycle, isn't it?

In case you were wondering I will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

I'm not super interested in debating that, but I will elaborate that (a) I believe she is by far the most qualified candidate of all parties; (b) I'm a pragmatist, so as much as I might agree with Sanders' agenda, I think his capacity to implement his vision will be limited given how the legislative process actually works; and (c) I think Sanders' more radical vision for the US would end up making him less electable than Clinton in the general election versus the Republicans.

That said, if Sanders' wins the primaries, I would vote for him over any of the garbage Repulican contenders, obvs.

Don't worry, tomorrow will feature some femslash fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

MRAs Plan Social Meetups

[Content note: misogyny, transphobia, homophobia]

It's being reported that Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) are planning in-person meetups for each other, organized by a popular "pick-up artist."

From DNAinfo, I just have two items of note:

1) One stated purpose is for the men (heterosexual and cis only, guys!) to build meaningful relationships with one another. Because apparently they have trouble with that. Which I'm sure is a shock to literally everyone reading this.

2) The other purpose is:
By meeting in person, the men can more strongly connect and bond, as well as reaffirm their beliefs about "the enemy" — more specifically, the women they are trying to "pick up."
Here, I note that the framing of women as "the enemy" of men is an outgrowth of the belief that men and women are "complementary" or "opposites." This Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus worldview is accepted as "common sense" and advocated by many conservatives, anti-feminists, and MRAs in service of both sexism and homophobia.

If men are allies with one another, then  under this way of thinking of course women are their opponents, who must be "conquered" through seduction, dishonesty, and/or force.

It is with irony that I further note here the popular MRA talking point about Andrea Dworkin and /or Catherine MacKinnon as having believed some variation of how "all heterosexual sex is rape."

Like so many things patriarchal, that claim seems to be a projection of many MRAs beliefs: Female consent to heterosexual sex is unfair to men, which constitutes oppression, which means men should find ways to undercut consent. Extending the sexual entitlement further, their distinction between sex and rape becomes marginal. The subtext is not only "heterosexual sex is rape," but "heterosexual sex must be, should be, rape."

Have fun at your gathering, bro-dudes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Claire Danes: Epic Crier

Today's post is dedicated to that feeling of when you at first are elated that Donald Trump did not win the Republican Iowa Caucus but then you quickly realize that that means one of the other nightmare Republican contenders did and that, specifically, that winner turned out to be arch-villain Ted Cruz.

Has there ever been a contest wherein all Republican candidates give you more heebie-jeebies than does Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It? Has there ever been candidate more hated than Cruz, who is hated even among a virtual who's who assemblage of other Republican jerks?

Now, I also feel the need to precede this post by saying that I adore Claire Danes as an actor.

Her portrayal of Angela Chase in My So-Called Life was instrumental in helping me realize that I am a lesbian. Now, yes, I know you're thinking I say that about literally every attractive woman I write about, but I mean it.  I also think she's done a fabulous job in her other work too, particularly Temple Grandin and Homeland.
Image result for claire danes crying gifs 

Claire Danes crying on screen is, like, one of my constants in life, whether it's about Jordan Catalano (or, seriously, Rayanne Graff), or Leo DiCaprio (or Rayeann Graff), or Brody (or Rayanne Graff).

And serious kudos, because I don't think I could do the on-demand crying, myself.

For one, I'm not an actor. And two, I'm not what is referred to as "particularly expressive with my emotions." I doubt an audience would find my genuine crying face all that different from my typical resting face, which if you can believe it is not actually bitchy.

So, today, I'd like to invite you to sit back and appreciate Claire Danes, crying for pay.

Image result for claire danes crying gifs

Image result for claire danes crying gifsImage result for claire danes crying gifsImage result for claire danes crying gifs

Friday, January 29, 2016

Femslash Friday: Taystee/Poussey*

Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Taystee (Danielle Brooks), together, are legit everything on Orange is the New Black (OITNB).  

Now, realize what this means, for a lesbian to say about a show on which Ruby Rose is also a recurring cast member. Poussey is a butch lesbian, which as discussed last week, is super rare (and super hot) in TV/film. They are, together, funny, witty, and (mostly) sweet. At times, their relationship and their individual stories are completely and utterly heartbreaking. Like, Poussey watching Taystee leave prison, from the window.  My heart.

And, rather than either character playing Sassy Black BFF to a white protagonist, they get to be BFFS with each other!  Is there a Bechdel Test for race? Of course there is.

(Although, of course, we all know they're totes girlfriends):

Why Mackenzie, I do so love this ship.

*Couldn't resist. Sorry not sorry.